Common Wedding Oversights

Here comes your long planned destination wedding in NW Montana. Weddings can run a lot smoother with your eye on a few common oversights.  We can’t all afford or have access to a top-notch wedding planner. It would help, but, the good ones are quite pricey. Here’s a little rundown of a few things that over the years I’ve seen couples have not fully thought out. Number one tip; If you don’t have a wedding planner, mistake number one is not having at least one person in charge of having the events of the wedding and reception run close to the planned times that are on the itinerary.  It should go without saying that an itinerary is a must. Not having one means the likely possibility of added costs because things ran long, and losing guests early before all the evenings events have all transpired. Sometimes a person given that duty can make a big difference and help everything run smoothly. Number two tip; I often see that wedding ceremony guests are not able to hear the couple recite their vows. Someone needs to address this issue. This could be the responsibility of the sound man, or DJ in charge of the PA, or caretaker at the venue. Ask about it and find out who’s going to take care of it. Sometimes I run microphones on the grooms for my video editing, but, this is done only because the sound was not covered at the planning stages. Everyone wants to hear the words the couple say. It is sometimes the most special and touching things heard at the entire wedding. Were the couple to be miked for the PA, the video man would not have to mic for his editing later on.  If the crowd can hear it, then the cameras can too.  Number three tip; Couples do not go over the events for the reception as well as the ceremony. Most couples for example do not know how to cut the cake, order of the toasts, or any number of reception details. These little things can cause confusion and can all be avoided. It only takes a few minutes. Think about it, you’ll be glad you did.

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  1. treasurestate February 15, 2013 at 8:15 am #

    Awesome information. Until reading your blog we’d never considered how many weddings we’d attended….and never heard the vow due to the lack of miking. . Almost all of them. These are great tips that you’ve provided brides, families …AND…event planners. Thanks again!

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