Fix minor photo flaws with photoshop #1

Do you have a scratch or dust spot on a photo you want removed? If you have photoshop follow these steps to restore the photograph. Keep in mind these directions are for fixes on a Macintosh. They are very close to this on a PC, you can figure it out. I believe in you.  1) Scan the damaged photo and have it sit ready for you on the desktop (you could have put it anywhere) 2) You are going to use the rubber stamp (also called clone) tool in the toolbox.  It looks like a rubber stamp. Find it. Make sure you have not chosen the Pattern tool which is part of the same tool. 3) Open the scanned photo through Photoshop and use the Magnifying tool to click closer on the problem area to get a better look at it. Let’s say you have a dust spot just below an eye. Zoom in on it. 4) With the Rubber stamp tool chosen look for the brush size in the upper left of the program. Resize so it would cover the size of the dust spot and then some. Mode should be set to normal  / Flow 100% / Opacity lets say 70% (you can play with this to see the different feathering effects you can get with it.  5) Hold down the Option Key and sample click a spot right next to the dust spot. This spot must be a normal, meaning since you are going to clone it; it should not have any irregularities with it. 6) Click right on the the dust spot. Ta-Da the dust spot is gone. Or maybe you have to click it again to be completely gone.  Experiment with how you set your Opacity and Brush size. You will soon see how easy it is to fix blemishes, and take out imperfections. The only thing I didn’t tell you yet is whether the Aligned box is checked or not. Aligned means if checked it will always follow the same relationship in distance from where you chose the sample from (holding down the option key). If unchecked it will also chose that exact spot when you click to clone somewhere.  Check back for more quick fixes.

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  1. London Accountant April 26, 2012 at 2:38 pm #

    Amazing advice – this helped me rescue some photos from a party that were scratchy. Thank you!

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