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Common Wedding Oversights

Here comes your long planned destination wedding in NW Montana. Weddings can run a lot smoother with your eye on a few common oversights.  We can’t all afford or have access to a top-notch wedding planner. It would help, but, the good ones are quite pricey. Here’s a little rundown of a few things that […]

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My Michael Jackson photo shoot ghost story.

My idea for this blog was always to be diversified and cover equipment, instruction, and occasionally even this photographer’s philosophy and stories. Since Halloween isn’t far away I thought I would share a ghost story from the Michael Jackson shoot with you. I was hired to be the set photographer on the Dome Project, at […]

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What’s the best used camera to buy?

I have had so many requests from beginning photographers on what camera they should buy. Their basic criteria is; what’s the best one for the money? First off, I wouldn’t buy any other brands than either Canon or Nikon, period. The reason is if you ever want to rent something your chances go way up […]

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Fix minor photo flaws with photoshop #1

Do you have a scratch or dust spot on a photo you want removed? If you have photoshop follow these steps to restore the photograph. Keep in mind these directions are for fixes on a Macintosh. They are very close to this on a PC, you can figure it out. I believe in you.  1) […]

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Ellingson Photography and Video Makes Touching Funeral Tribute Videos

There is an art to making a good tribute video. The first step is to gather as much as possible about your subject. This includes, but, is not limited to; photos, video clips, voice recordings, and a few of their favorite songs. Perhaps new snapshots of people and things that were important to him or […]

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How Digital Has Affected the Wedding Market Adversely, a photographers perspective

Digital technology is a welcomed addition to photography and video. The ease, added functionality, and instant feedback of digital is unquestionably a wonderful asset. The negative part for the established photographer is that it has flooded the market with a glut of beginning photographers who are getting into something that they think is easy. It’s […]

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How to Create Pictures

If you’re around a camera, whether it’s a point and shoot, digital SLR, or a professional full frame sensor like the Canon 5d Mark ii, you’ve heard the phrase, “I’m going to take a picture.”  You then use your iphone, or whatever is handy and take your picture.  You quiver with excitement as you transfer […]

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